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      公司簡介/about us

      GallopTech is always committed to the research & development, production and sale of life science instrument. Our ceaseless pursuit of the products is autonomous innovation and continuous improvement, and it is our great honor for us to create desirable products for customers.

      GallopTech’s goal is to meet the demands of different customers with high-quality and highly innovative products continuously. GallopTech constantly utilizes innovative methods for quality improvement, energy saving and cost reduction.

      GallopTech is committed to establishing long-term partnership with customers for mutual respect and frank communication, continuously broadening our own know-how, strengthening our self-confidence, and trying our best to develop innovative products, thereby winning the trust and support from customers.

      By building the marketing network, GallopTech constantly refines our services, resolves actual application-related issues for customers quickly, and reduces the distance between GallopTech and customers.

      We firmly believe that customer satisfaction and acceptance is the warranty for GallopTech’s growth. GallopTech’s five major pillars, namely Innovation, Regulation, Precision, Service and System, will remain the goal that GallopTech keeps pursuing and also the biggest motive for us to offer high-quality products and services.


              GallopTech的目標是不斷滿足不同客戶的高品質和高度創新產品的需求。 GallopTech不斷采用創新方法來提高質量,節約能源和降低成本。加快科技致力于與客戶建立長期的合作關系,相互尊重和坦誠交流,不斷拓寬自身知識,增強自信心,努力開發創新產品,贏得客戶的信賴和支持。